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Gear Review

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Great suit but....

Here's the thing, I've always loved Volcom stuff b/c it's so unique and people always recognize that. Which is why I got excited when I saw that they had introduced a suit that I could wear out on the town! Here's the rub though, I have a normal upper body and thick legs and in order for this suit to fit me like it should, I had to order two different sizes (XL for the pants and L for the jacket). And even then I would have to take it a tailor to have it fine tuned so that way it would look like it was right for me. Unfortunately, I had to return both of them.

I just find it weird that Volcom, a brand that prides itself on being unique and realizing we're all different from the pack, wouldn't allow us to buy the suit in separate jacket/pant sizes. This would allow us to have a suit that looks and fits exactly for us. For a company that size, I can't imagine it being a logistical problem either. So Volcom, what's going on? If you'd allow ppl to buy the suit in separate jacket/pant combos, sign me up! I'd gladly (re)buy one. But until then, I'm gonna have to find a suit that fits me and looks like it was made just for me (the way it should be).

But honestly, if you've had your heart set on buying this suit, don't let me stop you. It's a great suit that has a lot of attention to detail (it even comes with a ballin travel bag and a handkerchief!) And honestly, with all the other Volcom stuff I have, this little mishap won't dissuade me from keeping an eye on their gear.