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Gear Review

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Great upgrade for the CAD/Double Agent fan

The Hefe is replacing the CAD/Double agent as that high end super responsive binding. When I say super responsive I am not kidding, it's stiff.

The Highback has the same shape as the CAPO highback but it's a lot stiffer but does have a slight torsional flex. The ankle strap is what you found on the CAD, you can adjust it to what ever flex you like. So that can take back some of the response if you don't want a crazy amount all of the time.

The infinity tray is much more adjustable than what you found on the CAD or Double Agent and you can really dial in the fit to your boots.

Many of you will love the case that the bindings come in as well. You can take the tray out and it turns into a nice case you can throw your boots in or all you shit like goggles, lenses, gloves, beanies, etc... It's vented so they won't get all stinky or in the spring when you trudge through muddy parking lots you can toss your boots in and not get the mud all over your car.

Again, if you're a fan of the CAD or Double agent or you just like really responsive bindings you'll love the new El Hefe.

Great upgrade for the CAD/Double Agent fan