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Heel drag

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I use these on a Lib tech t.rice horsepower pointy 161.5 which is 260mm wide. The boots I use are Burton driver x size 11.5. Overall I think this is a really good binding, but there is one major problem. The adjustability sideways is very limited, and the positioning of the discs seems to be made for a 270+ wide board and size 13 + shoes. When i put the bindings as far as possible towards the toe side edge, I get too much overhang on the heel side edge, and none on the toe side edge. This results in heel drag on heel side turns , which makes these bindings pretty much useless...

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Sounds like user error, I have the exact same set up, board and boot size and boots. Just gotta play with it a bit.

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No, definetely not user error. You can not play much with it, there's only 3 holes in the disc. I have been snowboarding for 20 years and had about 30 different setups. Burton bindings most of the time. My stance is a bit old school with 21 front 0 back, and its the back binding with 0 degrees that is causing the biggest problem.

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Sounds like user error indeed if you're using the 3-hole disc on a non-Burton board.

3-hole discs are proprietary to Burton boards. Try using the alternate 4-hole discs that should have come with your bindings.

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No WU.WESLEY1678763, I'm not using the 3D discs on a non Burton board. I was talking about the WIDTH adjustment possibilities. And for everyone of the four screws you use on the 4D disc there are only 3 holes to adjust the binding towards the heel or toe. It used to be 4, which would have helped a little bit

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Had the same problem. Reflex discs have less adjustability heel/toe than the old traditional discs, approx 2cm. There are detailed threads about this issue on snowboardingforum.com with pictures. I ditched the reflex binding and bought 2011 cartels off ebay.