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Hey bro you just gotta feel the good vibes ya dig?

I Got these gnarly binders for christmas bro and I was like woah! These are going to surf the snow so fresh! And they did. It was tubular. I have done some jumping and some jibing and even some urban so far and they are so rad man. The flex pattern is just off the chain, It's a pretty radical design. Feelin the vibes for sure. Straps are so dank, just perfect bro. And the foot bed is like OOHhhhhhh.
Greg man, you just gotta be gentle with it man, you can't break your binders before you ride them man. That just isn't cool man.
By farrr man the best bindings to ever go on one of my shred sticks. Get some forum boots too and your set for life bra!!!
The skateboard theme is kinda whack though, there needs to be some waves on this binding next year for sure man.
peace out! Pray for snow!

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Hey Ted, I get what you're saying but the screws were already broken. Also, I still haven't gotten the replacement screws from Forum yet, and I called weeks ago. I'm expecting Rome 390 Boss's in the mail tomorrow to replace these.

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greg, the boss's are cool, but the targas are far better bro! i just replaced my shakas for the targas, and sorry FORUM, but im never looking back! Rome is dope and the targas are PRIME!!