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Hot Garbage

Initially, I thought these were a good buy -- noise canceling headphones for under 20 bucks. After I had them for a week, the wires coming from the headphone jack connector started fraying inside the rubber casing. Having only one side of the headphones work just isn't cool, so I took em back to the store I bought them from. They gave me a new set for free, so I figured I was in the clear.

A few weeks later, same problem. For a while, I jerry-rigged a duct tape splint, and taped the wire to my ipod so it wouldn't move. Eventually, that didn't even work, and then the other headphone quit working about a month later. Since when did reliability indicate a manufacturer's willingness to replace a shitty product indefinitely rather than just make a good one in the first place?

I almost guarantee they will fail some time within your first year of owning them. I wouldn't recommend these to anyone. Do yourself a favor and get something else (like Creative Labs EP-630s, they're everything these aren't). Something that ISN'T made by money-grubbing, product-placement, "cool factor" skull candy.

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the same thing just happened to me -- and i don't have the receipt anymore! arrgghhh..do you kknow if there's any other way to get them fixed..like to attach another jack or something?

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Same thing happened to me. The straight-out from the jack connector is not a good design - can't take any stress. Too bad, but they did last a few months, for $20, you make the call.