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Gear Review

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I like em

I just got these binders and my initial opinion is they are pretty good. Light as snot. Comfy. Easy in. They do have more of a freestyle/park feel then an all mountain feel, ankle strap is lower then I am used to which makes the ride feel loose or more forgiving.
Set up and performance is amazing, what I would expect from binders at this price point.
These make Flow seem like a joke. The one thing I really didn’t like about em is the highback rotation. GNU claims highbacks can be rotated, and they can but not that much, about half as much as I am used to with my Burton Customs. I would like to see more rotation with the high back. I loved that weather permitting I can reach down while strapped in and adjust the forward lean with a few twists of the cable. Ratchet and ladder felt a little cheaper then I am used to but that should not be an issue as this system does not require that you use the ratchet and ladder all that much. I have been ridding for 23 years and in my experience bindings are equipment that rarely gets updated unless you blow them out. I am very happy with this purchase, and hope they last forever. Great binders and great way to keep you’re a$$ dry. I like Mervin because they are an innovative company, and these are not a Mervin innovation, they are Fastec bindings and Mervin likes them enough to add them to their product line, this to me was a stamp of approval.

I like em