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I recommend

Disclaimer: I have no used this while snowboarding I purchased these headphones recently in the off season. The only reason why I gave 4 stars - because it has not passed the ultimate test, surviving my falls on the terrain park. Please see the following comments so far:

1) Giro Tune-ups say they will ONLY work with Giro helmets. That's a load, I have a womens 2011 Burton RED Advid Medium and they fit in there nicely. My helmet has a hole in the back near the right ear. I just ran the connecter wire through the hole.There is a little bit of slack on the right ear but other than that I just neatly put the wire in the foam and zipped it up fine. It took me a whole 5 minutes to do.

2) The mute button is not really all that sensitive. Even if it is, I highly recommend clipping it on the inside of your jacket. You can turn the mute on and off with a glove without a problem; however, It doesn't look terribly water resistant so I would probably take my glove off just to be safe anyways.

3) Sound quality. Ever since I bought skull candy headphones last year I will never buy any others. I am not sure if skull candy has a lifetime warranty like they do on all of their other products but because Giro distributes them I think it's just a 1 year manufacturers warranty. It says so on the package. I do not have much to compare these tune-ups to and I apologize I am not well versed; however, in a direct comparison to the built in headphones my boyfriend's Demon Brain Teaser helmet, the skull candy's are much better.

4) Shock test. I put them in my helmet and jumped around and moved around like an idiot in my living room and it did not cut in and out like some reviews said. Perhaps this will be covered under "manufacturer's defect" and I would send those puppies back for new ones. But like I said, they have not been subjected to the ultimate test of survival hitting the terrain parks.

In conclusion, it is not a bad price at all. I mean skullcandy headphones themselves run from $14 for ear buds to $100 over the ear headphones and they are superior quality. I even go out on the limb I personally like them over boise (plus they look cooler).