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Gear Review

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I would kill a puppy for this board.

Riding this board is like entering a cheat code against the mountain. strap in, A, B, A, B, select, start; and you're off. For starters, the base is wicked fast. You will read reviews that say this thing cooks, but in truth it doesn't cook; it roasts. In terms of flex, one can ride down the mountain in a back butter a hold it at speeds that are unreal. It welcomes charades, and willlingly takes on the shape of a banana. The edge hold is supurb, in fact I dare you to try to get this sled to loose edge even at fanatical speeds. I double dog dare you. It simply can not be done. Even more suprising, is that with all this, Arbor found a way to eliminate the effort needed to initiate, control, and land the smallest jibbers to the mind-altering overhangs; i other words, just like the distinguished Dr. Pepper, this boards pop comes complete with 23 lucious flavors. To be true, one pitfall is that this brute is a lil bit thin in the waist, so clowns need not apply. No larger than a 11 or 12 (and thats pushing it). This translates that the Element holds no P.h.D. in parks; i.e. boxes, rails, ect.. It will get the job done, just not as elegantly as a true park piece. So If you throw all these ingredients into the fire, mix in a crystal clear natural wood topsheet,(in your choice of Koa or the ellusive banboo) and you have a board; nay, a weapon with which to slay more mountains than the gods themselves.