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I'm a believer

So, I spent approx 65 days on this boot last season. The 40 day mark is a pretty significant point for me with any pair of boots, as that's usually how many days I get out of a pair of boots before it's time to get another pair. I was stoked to reach day 40 on the Insano as I knew I hadn't even come close to wearing them out.

The Fit: I usually wear a 10-10.5 and I ended up in a 10 in the Insano. I had the typical growing pains the first 5-8 days I rode the boots until the packed out some. After that I was good to go and I didn't see much more pack out through the first 40 days. I have a pretty normal foot as far as width goes, the only problem I have is a slightly high arch.

The Flex: Holy F*cking Stiff to start out! This is by far one of the stiffest boots I've had on my feet. It was a bit difficult to get used to at first, but they broke in quick and after about 10-12 days they felt just a little bit stiffer then the FUL boots feels out of the box.

Whats New:

* Dream Liner (same as the RFL)
* Dual Zone Boa!

Ok... I have not been the biggest fan of BOA. I was around when Vans & K2 first started putting it on boots back in 2001/2002 and every couple of years I've given the technology another chance only to be let down, But I'm official sold on BOA now with the Insano.

I was actually challenged to try to break the BOA, so I did everything I could within reason to break these boots. The BOA reels and cables are working just as well now as they did when I took them out of the box. At first I did feel a little bit of pressure with the plastic squares that the upper and lower zone both thread through, but the intuition liner did break in around that spot on the boots and it went away after about 10 days. Other than that I didn't have any discomfort or pressure points.

These boots have been great, comfortable, responsive & reliable. The huge thing for me is that they're still performing after 65 days! I usually have to get a new pair of boots when I hit the 40 day mark as they are just soft, mushy with little to no response left in them. Not only did I make it to 65, but I'm confident that I can keep riding them to start the 10/11 season and make it to 100 without any loss of performance or issues with the BOA.

If you're like me and you destroy boots and want something that is going to last, I highly suggest taking a look at these. If you are still on the fence about BOA, these are worth looking at as I was unable to break any part of the BOA system in 65 days of riding them in Utah.

I'm a believer
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Tidbit... Did you find these to be much stiffer than the RFLs (if you've tried em)? Uncomfortably stiff? Or are you just not really a stiff boot guy?

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Well, I just put my first day of hiking/riding in on these boots, and yes they are pretty freaking stiff. That said, I have never had a pair of boots be more comfortable on the first day of riding in them.

I should say that when I put them on to get them heat molded, the BOA system jammed and wouldn't release which was really frustrating, but a quick fix.

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on that boa system that jammed... what was your quick fix? mine got jammed after heat molding as well.

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Hi im wanting to buy these, issue is there isnt much snowbaord shops that have these in store. Im also new to boots, I have rented boots before but i alwyas went size 8 US which they never had the 8.5. I have found that, size 8 cramps my toes, they hit the top part of the boots. so I always thought i was a 8.5 but then when i went into the store to try on boots. I found the FORUM Kickers 2011 size 8 fits snugg really snugg and comfortable. Issue is they dont deliver to Australia. So im really wanting to get Insanos, issue is, do you know when you break them out if the toe length also break out?