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Ice Build Up = Not So Speedy

I have last years flows and they have some big downfalls. They are super speedy to get into for like the first couple runs, but then once the ice builds up in the bindings they are useless! By the time I get the ice out or the bindings adjusted my friends are gone! Ive tried everything from de-iceing spray, pam, and even carrying a pocket knife to chizel the ice out! Nothing works! I Switched over to Union Bindings and haven't looked back!

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Happens to any binding man. My fluxs. My friends Unions. Bent Metals. Raidens. Everyone in my crew has experienced it at one time or another.
Just because you got ice buildup on your Flows DOESN'T MEAN YOUR FLOWS SUCK!
And this is coming from a guy biased towards Flux and Rome, and isn't as big a fan of flow for other reasons.
One time we had to use a lighter to melt my friends ride bindings for 15 minutes before he could strap in again.
The difference with flow bindings is that you aren't supposed to fiddle with ratchets all day. With regular bindings, that buildup can be neglected because the ratchets just get tighter higher up the strip. But with flows, since the ratchets don't adjust each time, it gets too tight to ride in. Just loosen your Unifits next time. Use that noggin.

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I hear ya.. It's not like I threw them out. I still rock them on my old board.. But it just seems like they never fit after pow runs.. Just very aggravating and exhausting to have to mess with them after epic runs. I'm wearing a smaller boot this year and that does help. But I have noticed with my new unions I'm strapped in and hitting the brakes to wait for my pals. Never any issues, at least not yet.

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I got a laugh out of the lighter story btw.. I can imagine that was a macgyver type situation(we've all been there). Haha