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Gear Review

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It goes shoop!

This is a sweet little board! I bought it for my girl who has expressed interest in learning to ride. When it arrived, I took it for a spin around the block, and came back with a grin on my face and didn't want to part with it! I normally ride a long, soft cruiser board, so it was really fun to have an agile, responsive, versatile board like this under my feet. It looks like a perfect combo of a skateboard and a longboard, it's very light, and as always with Arbor, looks great. I'm not too stoked on the cheaper bearings (but hey, they'll get replaced eventually anyway), and in my opinion 65mm wheels don't belong on a longboard unless you live in a nicely paved area - I had to be pretty careful on these small wheels with all the cracks and bad pavement in the city, and there was chatter on the more gravely areas. On the plus side, the smaller wheels don't accelerate as much on the downhills, so not every hill has to be bombed at top speed. The trucks are nicely matched - they're fairly narrow and allow the board to be quite turny and agile. It's got a nice nose and kicktail, very responsive, so I can see this being a great all-around board, darting around and hopping curbs. The short shape and snappy response made me want to try a few slides. Unfortunately, the soft wheels will need a lot more breaking in before this board can slide consistently, but I still think it would make for a good slider board. It's not really long or wide enough to do much dancing, at least with my feet. If it comes up for sale again, I might get another one! This was my first impression, and I'll update this review if I have anything to add.