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Gear Review

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Its good!!

I really like my Ride DH, its fun and can handle all different terrain. I am 5 foot 9 and 140 pounds and I ride a 155cm DH. I found that it works well as a park board but the length that I purchased for myself I have a lot more fun hitting backcountry booters on it. The swing weight is a little more than what I like but I also just suck at spinning anyway. The slimewall edge works great for reducing vibration, and helping you to not catch your edge on rails. My main complaint with the slimewall is that I had a pretty good impact to the side of my edge, most boards wounld have just had a dent I feel, but the softness of the slimewall allowed my edge to totally snap and get jammed into my base and the board is now ruined. At the same time it was a pretty intense impact to the edge. Also this years model has pop sticks that are like fishing rods running the length of the board. they give the board great pop, you can ollie over slow signs like never before.