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Gear Review

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Jibba Da Rail Mon

Usually our photo department does a good job of taking good pictures, but we didn't even begin to do the Whammy Marly justice in this one. I am usually the guy who yells as my friends for picking gear by style over features and fuction, but if you are looking at the Whammy anyways: get the Marley Restricted. It has a thick clear coat top sheet over the graphics which makes it look super deep like an ice cream paint job. The red/green/yellows are also super vibrant. Not neon just poppy.

To the important things with this board, the concave middle is the biggest selling piece. Its slightly lifted at each edge like a spoon so you can get your 50s on lock down without sacrificing your front teeth on an edge catch. Its in the middle of the board though in between the bindings only, so edge control is not affected on the rest of the mountain.

Super soft jibby board with V rocker tech, this thing will be the best in a quiver as your second park day board for all mountain riders or an only board for the park rat who hardly ever cruises the rest of the resort. V rocker still floats like crazy in the pow though if you are so inclined. I see this spoon tech being the next evolution in jib boards and SUPER helpful for the progressing rider transitioning from boxes to rails.