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Gear Review

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Jibby with it! Great idea from Ride

Pros: V-strap is solid, will not break or snap, lightest binding ever, one ratchet is fast to get in/out. Going off kickers is solid.
Cons: Pressure point from where the V-strap comes over the top of the boot. These were the first bindings I had to make it a habit to release the tension once I was down the hill cause I couldn't feel my freakin' Big Toe. Sometimes my boot won't stay in place. I know the 09/10 model has a higher lateral piece to fix that issue.

Tust me, I've owned 4 pairs of bindings within the past 3 seasons, so I know how to dial them in. This one does take a little more time to get them just right but thats not important. Unfortunately, they don't offer a ton of support since they're made for freestyling but the range of motion is great for the park. The landlite footbed does a great job of cushioning. They are not compatible with bigger boots. I wear a size 10 Rome Libertine and bought the Large 9-11 binding. I had to maximize the binding to properly fit my boot and the V-strap is still offset to the side a little. I have no idea how they could fit a size 11.

Overall, I would recommend these only for park and not for all-mtn riding. I actually liked them pretty well and I know that Ride fixed a lot of the small issues for next years model, including a higher lateral piece to keep your foot in place and a longer v-strap to accommodate bigger boots, plus footbed wedgie tech.