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Just got it in the mail

Broke my elbow riding this spring, so the season is over for me. Bought the jacket for next season, but I figured I'd post a review since their wasn't one yet. I've had tech jackets (arcteryx) and stylish jackets (sessions), but always wanted the best of both worlds. This one kinda does the job. It seams like quality fabric, not quite as light as a technical shell, but definitely looks tough, waterproof, and flexible. I'm stoked to have an mp3 pocket (my arteryx didn't have one) but probly didn't need two interior pockets. I'm 5'-11", 165 lbs with somewhat longer arms. I bought the large and it looked stupid big on me. Whiskey was cool and let me return it for a medium, which is still not as fitted as my other tech shells but that's ok. Only bummer is the hand gators don't fit. I also am not a huge fan of the separate hood/collar situation. Maybe it functions good in a storm, but it doesn't look as good as a normal hoody style hood IMO.

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How long is it in the back? I'm 5'8 and looking for something that doesn't hang past my butt. Thanks in advance!

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It's fairly long in the back. If you're 5'-8" a Medium would definitely be hangin low on you....You could try a small. As an update; I've ridden a few times this year and the jacket and it seems to work well. The smaller mp3 pocket ripped (a little at the corner) when my headphone cord tried to pull through it. It's a bummer, but the hole just goes thru to the other mp3 pocket.

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Im the same size as you but a bit heavier 84 kg. Will M fit me?

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It should fit. Mine is a little loose on me. Like I said, my arms were a little long for the wrist gaiters. They still kinda work, but I can't put my thumbs through them without the sleeves feeling tight. Not a biggie tho

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I want to buy this jacket, but I'm a little skeptical considering you said the mp3 pocket ripped a bit at the corner. Does the fabric seem cheap? I'm pretty hesitant buying it considering it's expensive. But if you think it's worth the money, I'll take it into consideration. Really want a good shell and the jacket does look appealing with the color and capabilities.