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Kink w/Rocker

Are you a fan of the Kink but are looking for something that is just as soft and playful, but with fewer hangups on boxes and rails?

The Crush has moved over from Ride's DFC collection into their regular lineup. The Crush has all of the features that you will find on the Kink, with two additions. The Crush features Ride's lowrize rocker, the board is flat between the binders out past the inserts. Then the tip and tail rocker up 4mm virtually eliminating catching your edges when you're having boxe and rail sessions.

It also features Ride's Membrain topsheet, which is about 1/2 pound lighter than a traditional topsheet. The regular model will accomodate up to a 10.5 boot size, if you're boot size is bigger make sure to check out the wide model.

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got a chance to take the board( 152) for a spin last year, and it was the funnest board i have ridden.
not as soft for being a rocker but good still soft enough to press the shit outta rails.
pretty good on jumps, but it can be tricky sometimes to hold your edge.

8.5/10 for sure, id highly reccomend it to all those park rats out there that want a soft board but still want the ability to have a stiffer board

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hey mr titbit i'm looking at getting the crush this season as ive been riding a k2 www my last 2 boards and loved em but the edges blew out on both of em and i snapped one of em is the crush gonna withstand all the beatings im gonn give it a bit better then the www and is the flex pattern the same as the flex as the flex on the www was just perfect for me

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so a 11>% boot wont be good for the reg 156?