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Lawsuit waiting to happen

i just got these last night, first off a little disapointed because they do not have the volume adjuster on the cord as it did indicate on the website it had. sound quality is great, no complaints there. the issue i experienced is i had the foam ear peaces on, which were a little too easy to put on. so i put them in my ears and started to enjoy some of my favorite jams. however when i went to pull them out of my ears the earbuds came right out, but the foam peaces did not. the only way i was able to get them out was with a pair of tweezers. thankfully i did not push them deeper into my ear canal or do any damage to myself when trying to get them out.
i can only see this as a potential lawsuit towards skull candy due to this desigh flaw. these are my third pair of ear buds from skull candy and i have not had this problem with any of the others (smokin buds, and titanium buds).

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your not suppose to shove them down your ear canal when you put them in buddy

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theres warnings in the package that says to twist as you take them out jsut encase last time i checked....

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the american way, always suing.