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Like a boss (review)...

Many of my thoughts on the 390 Boss transfer over to this binding as many components are quite similar, if not the same.

Things that I do enjoy about this binding:
-The highback is very supportive. It seems that it's hard to find a binding that has a lot of support both on edge and from side to side. This binding definitely fits the bill if you want the all around support.
-The ankle strap is much better fitting than the gel straps. If you read my review on the 390 Boss you will notice that one of my biggest complaints is how the strap stretches. The softness of gel already gives the strap a softer feel meaning you don't notice the support as much; with the Targa it's a firmer straps so you can notice the tension and support meaning that when it stretches, it won't feel as loose.
-New FLAD system. It's about time they upgraded the twist and release system. First and foremost, who actually adjusts their forward lean so much that they need an on the fly system? Secondly, I cannot count how many times with the previous FLAD I have had it turn and pop open while riding (on numerous pair of Rome bindings). The only fix to the old system was to tighten the hex bolt to the point that you couldn't turn the adjustment piece rendering it unusable anyway.

The downsides:
-As mentioned with the Boss, the quality of finish is atrocious. My highbacks and my heel hoop have all chipped and look more bombed out than a World War II battleship.
-The new Conformist.3 toe strap fits and grips amazingly, the problem, however, is that the material used to make the shell isn't very durable. I broke 2 sets already and Rome doesn't seem to have this strap in for replacement as I have been waiting for a set for the past 4 months - instead I have been sent Conformist.2 straps from the previous Targa...I bought the new model and have been sent old model parts. Wonderful.

Bottom line: The simple fact is that everyone is making super soft park bindings, which is ok, but if you want a supportive binding you are very limited on your options. I've liked the Targa the most out of the Rome lineup since it was released and still like it to this day. If you want a serious binding that doesn't bend more than a pole dancer, then this is your go to.