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Lives up to the hype and more!

I'm in my 30's and just learned to ride. I decided to give the banana a try after things didn't work out for me with this year's T Rice. The T. Rice was a bit to stiff and aggressive for me; after switching to the banana it made a world of a difference! I've only been riding a dozen times or so and this board has already allowed me to land switch off of small natural features. This is truly incredible for me because just a little while ago I could barely land a jump! Progression is what it's all about and this will definitely be the board to take me to the next level. If your contemplating on what to buy look no further than the Lib Tech Skate Banana!

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Yeah, I noticed somethng like that too. I rode a Dark Series. And although I have to admit that the DS is more stable at higher speeds and lands spins better, if I make a mistake on the DS, I usually get slammed. The Skate Banana is more forgiving and rides switch exactly the same as forward. And would over spin instead of putting my butt and face to the ground. Much more forgiving. Even if I have to skid out a landing when I'm a little off, it's better than clipping an edge having a sore butt.

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Also, compared to all other boards I've riden, except my friend's TRS BTX, the banana turns on a dime. You just lean a little bit and it hooks you straight into the carve without delay. The first time I rode a TRS before I ever rode a BTX, I almost got thrown off it because the BTX turns so fast!