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Lobes All Black w/ 2nd lens (Gold Mirror)

Bought the All Black Lobes and the gold mirror replacement lens. The goggles look awesome and fit great with my POC Synapsis 2.0 helmet. Virtually zero room between the google and helmet, which is great. Changing the lenses took about 15 seconds. Obviously very easy since it was the first and only time I've done it. Completely self explanatory.

Does anyone have any recommendations for carrying a spare lens while skiing? It would have been nice if they came with a little bag for the price. I will probably use an old goggle bag but if anyone has a great way to carry them safely I'd love to know.

I will update as soon as I try them. I'll be using them Friday 2.3.12 up at Killington VT then heading to Vail next week so hopefully I can get some good variety and hopefully I can test them during some serious, much needed, snowfall out at Vail!

Lobes All Black w/ 2nd lens (Gold Mirror)
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The Lobes preformed great in all weather conditions. So far no fogging at all and I wore then multiple days when it was snowing heavily. The black lenses are really dark which is great for full sun days and gold lenses are very versatile. Switching the lenses take a few seconds and I typically have been starting with the gold and switching to the black if it's too bright.

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Poc sells a case for their goggles, very similar to the "Helmet Pod" case.