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Gear Review

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Love my new goggles

Love these goggles so much. I got the Cheryl Maas version and they are pretty awesome, love the colors and design. Good peripheral vision, and the lens works well in a variety of light from bright to flat. Also, absolutely no fogging whatsoever. They fit well with my Smith Hustle helmet.

I'm giving them 5 stars but I do have a couple of nitpicky complaints. I think they might let in a little too much air, as I found my eyes tearing up a couple of times when going fast. It wasn't anything too extreme but I do I have a pair of Smith Anthems that have a vent you can open and close and when it's closed I don't get any tearing up. My other nitpick is that I wish the Blue Chrome lens was a bit more mirrored and not so see-through. It's not too bad though, definitely has a bit of mirror, I would just prefer more. Looks like the Red Chrome is pretty mirrored though so maybe I'll get a replacement lens.

I'm not ashamed to say that I bought them for the looks, but they did actually deliver on performance too.

Love my new goggles