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Made Out Of Real Paintings..//

i have been wanting this belt to be perfect for the longest time,, and to be honest,, I don't think it ever will..

First off,, do not look at the picture posted above and think that you are going to get the same color/design as that one,, this belt IS made from real paintings from Bob Ross,, and you cannot get one belt to look the same as the other,, everytime i ordered it,, i got some funky wierd color that didn't even match my gear and i had to send it back,, when i finally got one that was semi-decent,, i had another issue..

the problem with this belt is that since this IS REAL paint on a canvas stitched to a vinyl seatbelt webbing,, the paint does start to smear off,, when i was taking off the belt one day after some casual wearing,, i had blueish green paint all over my hands,, just imagine if you had some bright colored pants, fell into some pow,, and came to the end of an epic shreddin' day with your pants smeared with your newly faded artwork including you now being apart of the canvas,, ur new belt's toast along with ur sick pants,,

honestly,, as much as i love Spacecraft,, i don't think that i will ever attempt to purchase this item again,, unless they got some sort of clear coat material to protect the awesome art,, just lookin out..//

_ 206 EmeraldCity Reprezent..//

_ nw ninja