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Maybe I got a dud...

I'm surprised by all the 5 star reviews. I followed the application instructions- clean/dry surface, press, wait 24+ hrs (duh, not my first traction pad). However, one stud came off in the first run and I started loosing them during each session, until there were 2 left. I ripped them both off (easily) and got a real stomp pad-, the Demon Snow Zeus Stomp (black not pink). The traction isn't that great on the pyramid studs especially compared to the Demons. I find they are more for style really, they do look pretty sick, but not for functionality. Maybe I'm too hard on my stomp pads, but my demon has lasted 3 seasons going on 4 and my girl has one too the- Demon Snow Quatro Hybrid Stomp Pad, that she loves. So, I recommend Demons. (Too bad they only have pink ones on here :)

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Did you heat up the surface you applied them to first? My instructions said to heat it up with a blow dryer then stick them. I did that and not a single one has fallen off.