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My Go-To Sunglasses

Wearing prescription glasses can sometimes be a pain, especially when it's sunny and bright out. That's why I splurged and purchased these and had them fitted with my prescription.
Polarized lenses are the ONLY way to go, trust me on this one. With "regular" glasses, without polarization, your retina expands to adjust to the lower light levels of your shaded eyes, but what happens is that UVA and UVB wavelengths still penetrate the lenses and can harm your eyes, resulting in eye fatigue and in extreme cases, permanent damage. With the polarizing lenses, these wavelengths are diffused and blocked, allowing your eyes to actually relax. It's especially helpful around snow and water, where light reflection and refraction is prevalent.
Not only do these glasses look awesome, they're lightweight, durable and fit my oddly large face just perfectly. They fit your face snugly and don't let in much light from the sides either. I've actually been able to run in these and not have them slip or fall off. Overall, highly recommended and I will definitely purchase Oakley products again for my prescription sunglasses needs.

My Go-To Sunglasses