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Gear Review

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My first Burton = awesomeness

First let me say, I am a relatively big guy. I am 6' and between 210-215 lbs (depending on breakfast) w/ a size 12 foot. B/c of my foot size, I've had to deal w/ big boards. Boards that aren't as wide have forced my set up to be shifted more duck footed. B/c I'm hard on boards, I usually tear up the base quickly.

I have 08/09 Bullet at 160 and it’s held up pretty well so far. My feet fit w/o any drag. Front foot is more angled than the back but I'm still a bit duck footed. No big deal b/c big foot is used to it. The board's quick (good base material) and I'm able to get a lot of pop out of the tail. With normal effort, I can get a good 2' ollie off of the flats. I have a feeling that if your smaller you will struggle to get as much flex and spring. I ride in the northeast so mistakes coming off of jumps are less easily forgiven. The board absorbs most landings (that I don't totally blow myself) well. The board is a little heavier than my last board (Sims) but I am not a featherweight in the first place so I don't care. I'm still able to 'walk' w/ the board (i.e. bounce from tip to tip after strapping up to get to the slope). Despite riding across some fallen trees, the base is still holding together well w/o any major gouges.

The con is that the top of the board does get beat up pretty easily. I've got a bunch of scratches all over it already. That being said, keep in mind that it's not an antique at a museum. It's a snowboard intended to allow you to rip your way across Mother Nature’s most harsh and beautiful season. In other words, don't let a couple scratches, on the side of the board that doesn't matter, bother you.

All in all the board is smooth, fast, and, with the right kind of riding, provides a decent amount of spring. This is my first Burton after riding K2, Oxygen, Sims. Other than the old school Fatbob that was...well...fat and had a ridiculous amount of spring, this is probably my favorite board to date.

Even if this is the low end Burton, it's still a very high quality board. Enjoy the winter.