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Never Ride any Capita Board

I rode Capita previously and just bought a new board (indoor survival, last years model). rode it for 4 hours and the metal edge separated on the tail. Contacted Capita and they said I damaged it. There are no rock gauges on the board that would indicate I did the damage. I have been snowboarding for 8 years and have never experienced this problem before. Guess I will ride My T9 that has 5 years of riding on it and is in better shape than this Capita Piece of junk.

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Had warranty issues with Capita also on the horrorscope. Horrible customer service; don't expect them to warranty your board. Had them tell me they would warranty it when i cracked it; so I paid all the expenses to ship it to them, just to have them tell me that the core was cracked and that the core isn't covered in their warranty policy only the top sheet. Kinda wish i knew the core wasn't under warranty when I bought the board and was told to ship it to them; do they really have a bunch of people only breaking the top sheet with the core being fine, seems like their warranty policy is just full of loop holes to get them out of warranting anything. Now I'm out $70 bucks and a board, will never buy a capita again

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i sheared off a screw in my brand new ultrafear i bought this year while trying to mount my bindings. turned out the inserts were drilled wrong and didn't match the pitch of the screws. i called them up and they payed for all the shipping and got me another ultrafear by the next week, no questions asked.