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Nice speakers!

The speakers are really good, you can really bumped this down the slope, best of it keeps your ears warm while listening to your tune. The only thing is the speaker cable, they are next to impossible to fine. After a season or so the wire will lose connectivity. You cant find that speaker anywhere because the ends that connect to the speaker have a locking mechanism, and no other speaker will work.

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I took a hard fall on the slopes and now the cable makes all my songs sound fuzzy and disgusting. You said that they are near impossible to find. Does that mean you found one? cause I dont want to have to buy a whole new speakers system if I can do a $5 fix

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I too had the cable break. I bought a monster cable and shaved it down to fit but contacted dogfunk who sent me to protec, who then said they don't have just cables. All this while searching for over a year for a protec "locking replacement cable"

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I'm so glad I read these reviews before I bought these. I was seriously this close to pulling the trigger on this set and the pro-tec vigilante helmet but now I'm just going to keep what I have instead and save myself the $180. Thanks guys!

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This is late, but you can always buy a regular 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm male to male audio jack and shave one end down. It doesn't lock, but it works.