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Nixon Master Blaster Headphone = A+

First of all, the style is dope as hell. They are definitely big, but have have super clean lines and are extremely well made with leather and metal. They should stand the test of time. I find them to be extremely comfortable, even wearing them all day. I sit at a desk at work and am able to passively block out about 70% of ambient noise just based on the great over-the-ear fit that these headphones provide. The volume control over the right ear is a great idea, totally functional, and extremely convenient. For anyone who plugs their headphones into a jack/input that is not easily in reach or that needs to fluctuate volume often it is a HUGE convenience to quickly and effortlessly change the volume with a quick twist of the dial on the right ear. As for the most important part of any headphone, the sound quality, these do not disappoint. I realize that 2 bills might scare a few people away from these, but anyone in the market for high end studio quality headphones would agree that these are very competitively priced and in my opinion are equal or better than much of the competition. Not to mention they look much better in my opinion. The bass is thumping, but not at the expense of the mid and high range. It is a very "full" sounding headphone that pays respects to the entire tonal range without just trying to play to the lowest common denominator: the bass. I would strongly recommend these to anyone looking for a sick, well made headphone that stands out from the crowd.

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how would u compare these to the beats studios?