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Gear Review

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Not Great Not Bad

For the price of these headphones, they area a great deal. They are really cool looking, and it looks like skull candy has added way more colors from the time that I bought mine. Mine are the Mac Red color, which I bought last summer. Anyway, the sound quality isn't great. Sure, when you are out skiing or something, the sound works fine. Try plugging them into your laptop on the plane or something though and you won't be able to hear your movie. The deep bass isn't there on these either, which is kind of disappointing, considering their size. Now, I have been bashing on their quality quite a bit. I think that for an airplane something like a noise canceling headphone is better anyway, so there is no reason really to take these for that use.

The nice thing about these about these headphones is how small they fold down for a pair of headphones of their size, and also the comfort and weight. They are super light weight and very comfortable. They are also really cool looking. If you will be using these during a sport, they are really cool. I guess these features are why it is worth it to have a pair, and why I didn't give it less than 3 stars.