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Not So Much!

Demoed this stick last season, and it was ok... IT was said to be the board that turns a few inches into a few feet, not so much... I like the T.Rice with the c2 way more, better responce, lots more pop. I also cant belive they are trying to get 700 for this thing. Save yourself some money and get a better lib tech for less

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Different strokes for different folks, but the materials used in this board warrant the price. if you can source the Golden Fleece somewhere for cheaper, let us know! The lumber also comes from a local source and is only available form them... So the whole supply/demand thing there. Come back this season and try one in CO and I'll change your mind.
Have an awesome season!

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I agree, C2 is amazing, but this is a good board too. The price comes from the materials used and also the fact that its hand made in the usa by snowboarders for snowboarders instead of some sweatshop by kids who have never even seen snow