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Not for Alaska

I ordered these for my trip to Alaska for the Iditarod. They walk like ski boots. Kinda clunky. The upside was there was plenty of room for layers of socks. However, with 3 layers of socks my feet got cold after an hour outside. I think I should have had feet warmers but these are rated for -25 so i didn't think warmth should have been an issue and it was. Good for getting to and from places but not long exposure of cold.

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Wearing three pairs of socks may have been your error. When you pile that many layers on your feet, it constricts the blood flow leaving your feet cold. You only need one pair of high quality wool socks to keep your feet warm.

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3 pairs of socks will not only slow down circulation from the tightness but also forces the extra air out of your thick socks that is needed for insulation.If you layer socks it forces the air out of the fabric. Part of the reason wool is so warm is that it has pockets of air that keep you warm.