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Not recommended if you ride hard

The board is made specifically for the park, 2 days in the park and the heelside rail popped off of mine while i boardslid a downflat down kinked handrail. I got bounced off the kink when it actually popped.Iv done this same trick on this handrail for 2 years with my Lib Tech Travis Rice pro model and that board still looks and rides great.
The capita rode great until the break, it had good pop and great flex it just was too cheaply made to hold up in the park.
The warranty on the board is terrible, capita has a terrible warranty program on all their boards. The board was specifically made for jibbing in the park and the second you jib anything with it the warranty is completely invalid. Burton and Lib Tech cover jib damage on all of their jib boards. I cracked a rail on a Burton wammy bar last year and they sent me a new one out in 2 days.
I cant say the board sucks, i loved it till it broke. I frankensteined it together with alot of p-tec and it rides alright. just dont buy a Capita if you plan on riding it hard and cant afford to buy 3 a year.

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If you bought it off of dogfunk, why don't you return it? I'm guessing you didn't buy it off here though.

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i bought the horrorscope from zumiez at the begining of this last season and separated the edge, when i returned it they not only gave me a new board but upgraded me to the indoor survival for free cuz the prices had just dropped. i call ur BS man, dont hate the capitazzzzzzzzzzzz