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Gear Review

2 5

Older version... 2 stars!

I own that bright ass yellow one. It's not so bright anymore. The band and the face housing have worn differently too so it just kinda looks like sh!t now.

I dont really like the way Nixon charges you before they even know if they need to fix anything, so I basically just wear a watch until I have to throw it away, which is coming up soon for this little guy.

Havent taken it into the Ocean much, so it's held up pretty well in dry air. I mostly just check the tides because the La Jolla tide pools are awesome, but you have to go at low tide. I just check it on my shelf, and that's about the extent of my watch's life now since it's so ugly.

I cant say how the new features are holding up, or if they're worth that $124 price tag, but I think the womens version is BUNK! All the shit thats on the screen, how could you even see it if it's smaller?

It's pretty cool for checking tides... or you could use google!

2 of 5 stars for the old one with the messed up sealant and the discolored funky band.