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Park/Freestyle Slaying Machine

This board is silly. The graphic is absolutely insane and with Jumper Cables this board has mad pop and is also still mad buttery. This board can do it all from hitting big kickers to rails and boxes or just straight ripping the mountain. Yes they did change the channel to M6 and it sucks they don't give the hardware to convert older EST, but they are giving you the hardware if you contact Burton. The plus side of the M6 is they are now compatible with other binding's on the market outside of Burton. There is one thing I found out about this board that most people don't know and I think Burton snuck it in last minute on us they say this board is a V-Rocker but when you check the board and the sticker on the back is say's Flying V. It has a very slight positive camber under your feet but V-Rocker in the middle so you get the best of both worlds. If your looking for a board to slay it all this is the board. One more thing if you decide to go EST go for the Cartel EST Acid Test it matches the board to the T and they got rid of that annoying forward lean this year. They basically are last year's P1's. SICK SET UP!!!!!!

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you forgot to add burtons copy of magnatraction- frostbite edges

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I have this board as well. The base sticker does show that this board has flying v tech, but it also shows that it's v rocker. The flying v portion of description is a mistake...this board is v rocker.

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Yeah your right I confirmed with Burton it is a V-Rocker and the sticker is a mistake but I swear when I look at the board from a side view I see a little camber in the board. Ha ha burton's also changing names of there feature's on boards like last year it was pressure distribution edges this year frost bite edges I rode both boards this year's and last same shit just another great gimmick LOL. Na for real the board is sick! Enjoy your season fellas 1.....