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Gear Review

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Peripheral, function, STEEZ

I ride with a helmet, and I really believe that bigger is better with goggles because field of view is so important. These have the max amount of vision for a goggle that fits great with a helmet (some people can pull of EG2 with helmet, but I don't want my nose crushed). I got the White and Gold band, with Gold Mirror lens. The gold mirror lens is great for mid level light to bright light, and the bonus lens is the nightstalker blue, which is perfect for night riding and low light situations. Basically this 2 lens package is all around killer. The only issue I have is that the inside of the goggles gets soft when its wet, and can almost distort a little. Not sure if there is a way around this, but its can be a hassle. As for fogging I haven't had many issues, and I sweat a lot when I am ripping hard. Any goggle will fog in certain situations (face mask, overly sweaty on warm day, going from outside to inside a warm room) these are just properties of physics and cannot be avoided, so please disreguard most comments about goggles fogging up when they get sweaty or warm. I ride 100+ days a year and I know that most of those comments come from recreational users. Anyway this is a legit goggle, great periph, and you'll look like a boss with that big ole mirror shinin in the sun.