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Pop Sticks !

The DH is back for 08/09 with a couple of great updates. The first you will notice is yet again Ride doesn't let down with the great graphics that you come to expect every year on the DH. The artist that did these graphics is Barry Mcgee, google him he has some amazing work.
The main tech update to the DH for 08/09 is the addition of Pop Sticks. Like with the Society, Ride has taken tech that is used in the fishing pole industry to add some amazing pop to the tip and tail of the DH without messing with the perfect 6 out of 10 flex the DH has.
Basically there are these fishing poles that you can bend past 180 degrees and they will not snap. Ride took this tech and milled it down into these 6 inch "sticks" that they place into the nose and tail of the DH. Now you can load up your Nose/Tail and get an incredible snap, but the board is still soft enough to butter and screw around.
The board will accommodate up to a 10.5 boot in all of the sizes, so if you have a size 11 or bigger check out the Dose, the wide version of the DH.