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Pre Season T Rice Review

Just got this board the other day, and i'm already impressed with it. The horsepower really does make the board lighter, its light as a feather. Won't be able to ride it for a few months however, from riding last years T Rice, I can say the ride on this board is incredible, and with the horsepower it will only get better. C2 BTX is amazing, you get all the stability and pop of camber yet you're still riding a rockered board. Plus magnatraction goes through ice like butter and paired with the camber/rocker, gives you ultimate control over the board

Highly recommend for any advanced rider looking for a top of the line all mountain board

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Just wait till you pump this thing through a turn and come out laughing (and uphill)! The HorsePower is incredible!

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can't wait man, waiting 2.5 months to ride it is gonna drive me crazy

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Do you think it's worth the extra money to get this board, or should i just get the C2 BTX without the HP

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the HP version is just a even sicker version of the already sick original. You won't be disappointed with the non HP version. I rode last years T Rice without horsepower and it was the best board I ever rode.. destroyed every part of the mountain

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I just checked out two 157's, one with HP and one without. In my opinion, the weight difference was barely noticeable in my hands, which would be even less noticeable on your feet. Also BEWARE! the HP model is a different color than the regular, its literally like sparkly purple where the white is on the reg board... I guess it has to do with the special basalt resin they use but its a bit of a turn off... think sparkles like the banana magic but purple... the only real advantage of the HP model for me seems that it is more environmentally friendly to produce, kinda like paying an extra 10 grand for a hybrid car, is it worth it?