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Gear Review

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Pretty f-ing awesome!!!!1

If you are going to get dress pants but do not like the silky (I guess cold and weird) feel of tailor or brand name dress pants or even that sense that you are wearing pants made of just cloth,
I would definitely recommend these. I have been buying the black Chino for years and I always want more of them. These will be the most comfortable, movable material you can wear that is not like... Armani. Before I bought Volcom, the pants I use to wear, would come off the minute I did not have to wear them anymore, these I wear all the time. They are about $55. but I always wear them. Wear them with t-shirts (although honestly the black can sometimes look weird), dress shirts, whatever, they are sharp (my dad's wording). And the gray, the pair I just bought, is pretty sick too.

The look... think well lets say Dickie's pants, but with a more comfortable interior, I always thought Dickie's to be itchy on the inside, and Chinos are less shinny and more i guess sharp of pants, definitely can wear them in the office, I just use to have a boss complain about the white patch (black on the gray pants) on the inner left leg, aesthetic choice by designer, but I just put electric tape over it.
Also you can find these pants at PacSun, but they may not always have the color or size you want, Dogfunk has way more options than I realized were out there, I used standard shipping (1-3 weeks) and it got to me in about 5-6 days, I was not in a particular hurry though.