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Professionally Legit.

This suit is freaking sick; period. I ordered the pin-striped version to wear to interviews, New Years, and a wedding. It kills at doing all of those things. I am 6'3 tall, and 180lbs and the Large fits me perfectly. In jeans I usually wear a 33-34in waist, w/at least a 34in inseam (if that helps you gauge your size). People actually thought the suit was custom tailored. So if you're built like an adventurous crack-head, such as myself, the cut of this suit is awesome. I also purchased the vest; I highly recommend this it completes the look. The ONLY negative thing I can say, is the suit jacket feels a bit tight in the back if I'm stretching for something. But that's a small price to pay for sleeves the perfect length and a suit that you don't swim in.

This thing is extremely high-quality, and literally probably the best-bang for the buck clothing item I've bought in the last decade. My roommates thought I was crazy for ordering a suit from "Volcom"...after seeing/wearing it...I'd be crazy not to order it.

Professionally Legit.
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I bought the pin-striped suit for my boyfriend. Not only does he look amazingly hot in it, but he also enjoys wearing it!
Looks sick on! amasing buy