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Pure Heaven

After using Old switch step in crap back in the day and double strap bindings in the past seasons and Flow Bindings for 5 rides this season I opted to go with Ride contraband's when I purchased my new board this year. I was skeptical with the reviews I had read of the webbing and toe straps seeming cheesy.

Switch step in bindings were easy but packed with snow a lot and made it hard to step in and were crappy to begin with... Also, I was getting tired of regular bindings and strapping 2 straps at the top of the hill- sitting on my ass, plus snow would still get between by boot and the backing plate.

I went with Flow NXT-ATSE bindings on my old Burton Custom hoping to ease my strap in on the top of the hill. The Flows were sick looking and a good upgrade, but eventually were just as difficult to get my boot in and took just as long as two strap bindings- the problem I was having with flows were when i would pound my board to remove the snow inside them and this would cinch my flow bindings down at the strap... I couldn't figure this out for the life of me until my buddy said he was having same issues getting into them after he did that... but still, the flows were hard to get into at the top of the lift...

I set up my new Never Summer SL 161 with the white Nitrane Contraband's and hit the slopes yesterday to shred at Sierra at Tahoe... OMG.. these bindings ROCK! I made sure my local board shop I purchased them from fit them to my boots. They were extremely easy to get into and out of- especially if you bend and secure the strap to the inside edge of the base plate when you take your boot out to go up the lift.... They worked so well even my son wanted a set and started complaining about his Flows... Even if the webbing does happen to have issues for some I feel these bindings will be the norm in a few years. I was able to see next years Contraband's that my local shop were demoing and they had neoprene webbing and Velcro strapping with better material rather than plastic at the toe strap and were awesome looking... watch for Ride to change the webbing to better material and am sure they will offer these as an upgrade to any contraband's already in use... There is an enormous amount of adjustments to these bindings and it is suggested you have your local board shop who sells these and is familiar with them set them up to your boots... if you change boots you need to change the binding settings immediately. Youtube has some videos if you are doing it yourself... In Sacramento go to Clarks in Roseville...If you don't have contraband's I suggest you get them and stop sitting on your ass to strap your bindings.. Its a real pain in the ass waiting for people to get out of your way as they sit and strap at the top of the lift. I will also say that the look of the White bindings on my white and black Never Summer SL board looks crazy cool... they kinda remind me of Star Wars Imperial Trooper gear.. may the force be with Ride Nitrane contraband's.

Pure Heaven