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Gear Review

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Q Pant

This pant feels high quality. The sueded lining is nice and soft. Ventilation zips in the inseams and one on each side of the front of the quads. Ton of zippered pockets and a ton of velcro just in case you forgot to close it.

WARNING!!!: There are two ripcords in the pockets that you can pull up on to raise/tighten the legs. They are very delicate and can rip the pockets from the pants. If you don't squeeze the cord fastener first.

The pockets are sewed onto the pant by what I guess is just a handful of stitches. I did this in the store not having worn foursquare pants before. And thought "hey drawstrings I wonder what happens if I pull on them" Really didn't force it like crazy. Just pulled them up and heard a sound like a button opening. Ripped a hole in one of the corners of the pockets. But just the pocket so it's fine.

Still couldn't pass up at $90 in store clearance. Still happy with them. Just be WARNED,

(I think it's a poor design on that. They could have easily put the drawstrings on the outside. If you put your hands in you're going to want to pull them up if you try them on)