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Gear Review

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Quailty, style, and price!

All I can say about these headphones is: WOW!
I'm on my third pair of headphones this year. I've tried the cheap(ish) Panasonic phones you can get from Wal Mart, the cheaper buds from another local supermarket, and finally the Skullcandy Hesh. I was immediately blown away by the quality! I promised myself I'd wait a week to write a review, but I couldn't wait that long. So here it is:

* Physical quality - These headphones seem to be built extremely sturdy. These phones will definitely take a crash on the slopes. Its all thick plastic, solid joints, and sturdy padding.
* Visual style - These headphones look sick! The pictures pretty much tell all, but they look even better in person.
* Sound Quality - Ahhh yes, finally. These are the best sounding headphones I've ever laid hands on. I've tried very expensive Sony's, Koss, and Sennheiser, and these phones can keep right up with the big guys. For the price tag, I am very surprised at the high quality sound. The highs are nice and crisp like freshly groomed corduroy, and the lows fill out.

* Physical quality - The cups don't collapse making them not very portable, but they don't advertise portability.
* Visual style - The top kind of flattens out when they're on your head, not really a big deal at all.
* Sound quality - They can get so loud that they can be heard by people about 20ft away from you - whether this is a bad thing, you decide. I only got them this loud plugged into my computer, however in my PSP they don’t get quite as loud, however they do punch (and PSPs can’t push out sound at all).

If you’re split between these and some other brand for about the price (and your into this style) get these. Shut up and get them!