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Quality Control: Is Rome Familiar With It?

So as you can see, I have written a review on this binding already. I still standby my thoughts on the performance of this binding - it's a solid binding.

However, I need to followup as the warranty experience thus far ha been as comfortable as being stabbed in the eye with a coat hanger that's been laying exposed to the elements for about 32 years.

6 weeks ago I emailed them informing them I was having issues with my bindings. The quick release on my right toe strap had busted (half of it had broken off; I haven't a clue how), my left toe strap continuously pops open while riding, the screws in the back of my heel hoops that connect the tray are coming loose on an all too often basis, my highback screws won't stay tight and my ankle straps are stretched and torn.

Now as you may read in my last review, they don't have any of the current Targa toe straps, which is absurd if you ask me.

Whatever, it is what it is. Now, I contacted them at the beginning of December. I patiently waited, knowing that with the holidays things do tend to take longer. Well 4 weeks later I finally asked what was going on. They didn't have an answer and said they would send me new straps.

FINALLY, today, over 6 weeks after my initial email, new straps and parts had arrived.

Great, right? Yes, until I started swapping over parts to get my bindings setup again. I come to find out that I do indeed have two new toe straps and two new ankle straps....HOWEVER, they are TWO right ankle straps and TWO right toe straps. Additionally, one of the toe straps was so generous to include a buckle, but a buckle that had a stripped screw on it.

Now, I don't like to ridicule the intelligence of others as I am far from the most intelligent person in the world, BUT, how difficult is it to look at a strap and realize the logo branding on the straps is identical and that a screw is stripped? I think my 4 year old nephew could see that.

So here I am, after 6 weeks of shot parts, still stuck with half of my stuff being broken, worn, stretched or just plain shot.


Rome quality has gone down the crapper. Stop worrying about being a mega snowboard company and return to make products that are good.

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i bought the union atlas this year and was almost going to buy these....but i too lost a screw 3rd ride out.... i guess being a new binding likewise to buying say a new tool the screws can loosen up after first couple times using... pisses me off also

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i had a pair of burtons screw came off... it happens even in the paper work (some companys) even say to tighten the screws before you go out.....Also thats what loctite is for