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I loves me some denim. All that means is that I have a closet full of jeans that I hardly ever wear, and the couple bangers that I wear religiously but are on their last leg. The ones I don't wear are either too skinny, too baggy, too blue, too worn, too uncomfortable... I don't know but they all suck for one reason or another. So I'm left with a bunch of wasted money. Until now.

So when I saw the Wilshire LA's pop up on Dogfunk a couple weeks ago, I had a feeling they would be legit. Ordered them up, and now I have some new fave denim.

I love the muted raw denim color - dusty, classic blue that's on trend and easy on the eyes. Plus, Altamont finally got rid of their ugly multi-colored thread for this pant. It's all copper thread on the outside - bonus.

The Kurabo denim is tough, rigid and on the heavy side. It takes some breaking in as I'm on my fifth day wearing these and they're just starting to soften up. The fit on these puppies takes some time to loosen up as well. I'm a 32 and ordered the 32's, and on the first day I have to admit they weren't very comfortable. Tight across the hips and in the waist, and I'm a skinny guy. But now that I have a few days in them they fit perfectly. The fit is slim, not skinny, with room in the crotch and below the knees.

So in conclusion, you might be paying a little more on the front end, but you will actually be saving money by not buying crappy jeans that fall apart in six months. Altamont really nailed it with this jean.