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These goggles are wonderful if you can get them on sale at Whiskey or Brociety. If you are planning on paying full price I feel you would be really silly not to go with the Oakley A Frames. The nice thing about these goggles is they DO come with that extra lens. That is great if you are on a budget (who isnt right) and ride day and night. The second lens that came with mine was a night lens and it is fairly easy to switch out. No second lens case though, which sucks because what are you supposed to do with it once you take off the protective plastic film and use it for the first time? Although the field of view on these is much better than I experienced with the Dragons I previously owned, again, they dont compare to the optical correctness of the Oakley A Frames for almost the same price. Fogging is minimal as long as you take care of them. If you are a somewhat experienced rider and are looking for some steezy goggles to get you a date - pick these up! It will work (trust me). If you care more about performance or are planning on getting your first pair of goggles and are paying anywhere near full price - check out the Oakley A Frames.