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if your considering getting these, just go for smokin buds. they r much less expensive and have better bass response

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you clearly have no idea what you are talking about

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Wow That garrett dude really doesnt know what hez talking about

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I have both a pair of these and a pair of smokin buds. The difference is in a QUALITY of the bass. My smokin buds bottom out and I hear the little headphone speaker thumping much easier than I do with my 11mm FMJ's. If you think that the speaker bottoming out sounds cool and like bass, then get the smokin buds for cheap. If you want fuller sounding music that can still perform with the dial all the way up on your iPod go with the FMJ.

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yeah the smokin buds only have a 9mm driver, whereas these have an 11mm. also, the smokin can only handle 20mW of power, and the FMJs can handle 500mW. Take your pick.

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