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Rockin' the 153!!!

Capita does it,, AGAIN!!!


On alternate plateaus of the universe there is war ravaging the galaxy.Celestial gods, once wielding insurmountable power, have been weakened by arrogance and overindulgence. In delirium tremens, they struggle to retain dominance over primitive creatures ushering a new era of fear.Eons of suppression and submission have given birth to vengeful beasts, opponents of galactic proportions. On the front lines are face melting Macroids morphed from organic matter and stellar energy. With arms of cosmic snakes, legs of half digested beings, and stomachs containing a graveyard of ships, they have appeared to devour interstellar power.As battles expose the mortality of those most high, a Horrorscope uncovers the truth—even a monolith of terrible power can be taken down with courage, conviction, and an epic bloodbath...

The Horrorscope FK was born as a late release limited edition board and is now one of the most sought after boards in snowboarding. Featuring pre-loaded positioning for expert level jibbers, and easy turnin’, mindless shreddin’ for those intermediate riders that want to expedite the learning curve. The demand was so strong we made multiple production runs and still sold out before a single chairlift opened in North America. Transworld SNOWboarding Magazine’s 2010 test results held the Horrorscope FK as the #3 men’s board in the world under $400, while it beat nine of the top ten boards on price. For 2010, we’ve responded to overwhelming demand by adding three more key sizes. The Horrorscope FK takes no effort! Stable at high speeds! Perfect for hangovers! Jib like a mad man!

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