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Rome Agent: An instant classic

The board rides really really really well. I went with a 156 instead of my usual 158-162 for all mtn or 152-154 for jibbing. The middle of the road I figured made the most sense. What I found was that this board does a lot of things really really well. The light core lets it spin like nobody's business while the impact plates really help with the landings. The carbon laminate and core profile creates some serious pop while also letting me rail down the hill. Buttering is ridiculously easy on this board, ridiculously easy.

Setting the board on edge is easy and the board is super stable at speed. I expected it to ride more like a door at speed, but it rode icy groomers like a champ!

My only quibble was as I spun it, my edges seemed to catch a lot easier than I would expect for a park board. Of course I did a really shitty job detuning them, so I attribute it mainly to that and the fact that the swing weight is really low so I was probably over spinning.

Overall it's definitely a park board that rides all mountain well (say 65% park, 45% mtn) but for the average soul, you would never know that it couldn't shine maching some GS turns.

I have to say at this price, it's hard not to say yes to the Agent.