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SOLID 4*'s

These buds are super stylish and has mad steeZe,, The reason why it's not 5*'s is due to how freakin fragile these things are,, got my first pair and in less than 24hrs, the left side goes out because my mp3 player slips out of my pocket and tugged on my left ear bud,, thank you Dogfunk for your awesome return policy,, other than that,, I was groovin to my tunes with awesome sound quality before the incident,, slilcone buds are super soft and grippy eliminating surrounding noises,, it's just you and ur tunes,, the best earbuds i've ever rocked,, only thing that can be upgraded is the durablilty, needs a volume control (especially for the price we pay),, and the button conrtols should be made compatiable with all electronic mp3/music listening devices..// Go Get IT!!! //

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i ordered some from eternal and within the first week my ipod fell out of my pocket and tugged on the left earbud and it's quality it now worse and its way more quiet than the right one, they wont let me return them. i should have known better and ordered them from dogfunk.. but they are sick headphones, great quality. awesome for shreddin you dont have to take your ipod out to change or pause the song