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Sick board.

I own a 159 wide and figured I'd post my review here as well.
I set it up with 2011 Blackhawk bindings. This board is great. Stiffer than my Rook and more of an aggressive ride. I'm about 6'2" 175lbs and riding the 159W (my 2011 Rook is a 154). I feel like this board just begs to go fast and be ridden hard. First time out I was thrown down a couple times because one moment of not paying attention can be disastrous. This is NOT a beginner board. It is responsive and reacts to like every little movement. It is stable for bombing because of the bigger size I got and the gullwing profile allows it to turn with so much ease while still keeping great edgehold. It also has great pop. I haven't gotten enough time on it to really say anything about durability, but i underlfipped a frontflip and the tail hit ice hard and no damage was visible. A beginner also ran into me and hit my board... again, no damage. I've been riding Nitros for years. Every board I've own by them has been amazing and this board is no exception. Not the best rail board, but that's why I have my Rook. Definitely awesome for charging and jumps. I could see it being softer and more all-around in a smaller size as well.

Sick board.